What is an FM transmitter

What is an FM transmitter?

An accessory intended to broadcast your mp3 files on your car radio , simply! The situation ? On one side, a classic car radio, which broadcasts CD or radio. On the other, an mp3 player or smartphone filled with your favorite music . Small and discreet, the FM transmitter is the link between the two devices: it broadcasts the songs played by your player on a FM channel, manually adjustable. All that remains is to adjust the car radio on the indicated frequency. The FM transmitter usually plugs into a cigarette lighter socket, but may include an internal battery or batteries for more mobility. Connectivity side, most models offer a universal jack. Some Applecable , and others still a micro SD card reader. I would like to introduce you the Best Bluetooth Audio Transmitter here. the bluetooth transmitter or reciver is little gadget that give bluetooth to your outdate TV/speaker.

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The FM transmitter, the mobility of radio waves

If the car is one of its specialties, the FM transmitter is not limited to it. It does not attach to a device, but to a frequency : it can broadcast on any radio , wherever you are, the content of any connected device. Smartphone or mp3 player , tablet or micro SD card … An ultramobile device whose strength is also the limit, a radio frequency available in a city is often not in its neighbor. When interference disturbs the signal, you have to start a new search manually on the FM transmitter … then change the frequency of your car radio, all, while driving! Not to mention that some car radios require automatic search, or auto-tuning , during any change of station. Stopping on the frequency indicated by the transmitter can then be particularly complex.


The sound of the FM transmitter

On mp3 files of a smartphone or a player , the sound is already compressed. Broadcast on radio waves , it loses still in quality … and in power. For example ? By car, the antenna is normally on the roof, while the transmitter remains inside the cabin. The transmission is often parasitized by the bodywork. However, some models of FM transmitters provide the correct audio for your music : it all depends on the power of the device, the frequency congestion and the configuration of the listening room. The loss of quality due to radio broadcast can thus be compensated by speakerspowerful and Hi-Fi sound … uncommon options on a car radio . Looking for quality sound? Bet on a recent model, powerful and compatible with many audio formats, with a screen and an automatic search … or change the car radio .

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